TRUE Power batteries are 100% premium quality and produced in Europe. All our batteries are 100% maintenance free regardless whether you buy a traditional lead-acid, AGM (absorbed glass mat) or GEL model. We provide a two year warranty on all of our models. We produce different models of batteries. Difference between the different lines is the quality or technique of the battery. We produce the following lines/series:

  • Economy Series
  • Elite Series
  • Extreme Series
  • Marine Series
  • Endurance Series
  • Agro Series

Within these above mentioned different series, are available in different techniques also depending on the categorie for usage. All model-lines of batteries are available for the following different categories:

  • Automotive - Passenger Cars
  • Heavy Commercial - Trucks
  • Construction & Agriculture
  • Leisure - Caravans, Campers & Boats

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