AGM TPA-EC58501 85Ah

  • AGM TPA-EC58501 85Ah

AGM TPA-EC58501 85Ah

Brand:TRUE Power
Product Code:Endurance TPA-EC58501 X-treme Shock Proof
Availability:2-3 Days

Our TRUE Power Xtreme shock proof models are especially designed to deliver the best results under very tough circumstances. Mountable under any angle, vibration and shock proof, these models can easily be used on powerboats, off terrain (sports) - even if you would like to drive the DAKAR races, these batteries will never let you down.

Like all our batteries these are also designed for a wide range of purposes, as a starting power for cars and other vehicles as well as for long-term discharge applications.

Batteries are produced in an up-to-date technology AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and instead of having liquid acid consist of the electrolyte, which is kept inside the special glass mat. The AGM batteries are therefore 100% leakage and spill proof for our X-treme shock proof models we use a different technique for protection as these batteries should deliver the best results in any situation under any circumstance.

AGM Battery type:

  • 85Ah (740A)  X-treme SHOCK Proof


  • Newest AGM technology
  • Absolutely leakage and spill proof,
  • Highest safety of use
  • 100% maintenance free
  • High cyclic performance and durability
  • High resistance to sulfonation
  • Longer life of a battery
  • Resistance to high and low temperatures
  • Anti-fire protection
  • Extreme vibration & shock proof
  • Mountable under any angle


  • Passenger Cars & Vans
  • Sail & Motorboats
  • Camping trailers, Campers and other leisure purposes
  • Lightning and navigation systems

Capacity 85Ah
Starting Current 740A
Voltage 12
Box Type L5
Dimensions (L/W/H) 350/175/190

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